You will be registered either with , Dr Crawshaw, Dr Clark, Dr Savin, Dr Mack or Dr Martin  but you are welcome to consult with any doctor. 

For ongoing or long term problems, you will probably find it easier and more effective to consult with just one doctor for routine matters.

On the  29th January 2018, the Health Centre introduced a Telephone Triage Appointment System, in which all patients’ requests for a face consultation with a doctor will be triaged by a GP.



This means that patients will receive a phone call from the doctor within a few hours of making contact with the Health Centre, and, if mutually agreed, patients will be seen face to face within the same day (or another day, to be mutually agreed).

Morning appointments are usually available between 8:30am and midday.

Afternoon appointments are usually available between 2.00pm and 6.30pm.

If none of these times are convenient due to work or other commitments, please discuss your needs with our reception team. 

In addition to, as part of being a member of the Abingdon Federation, the  Berinsfield Health Centre's patients benefit from an appointment with a GP 7 days a week. These appointments are held in turn at one of the 6 GP Practices. The current clinic dates can be found here : Copy of Rota GPAF Feb 19 to May 19.xlsx


1. Access 

You can book appointments in three ways:

a). Online Click Here>>  You will be able to book telephone appointments with a doctor, or a face to face appointment with the Health Care Assistant. You will need to register for this service-  full details are available  on: Registration

b). Telephone 01865 340558 or 01865 340559, and choose option 1. Our medical receptionists are a highly experienced team, and are subject to a strict confidentiality policy just like doctors and nurses. In order to help you make best use of our services, they may ask you for brief details of why you require an appointment. Sharing this information is very helpful but not compulsive. The receptionist is not responsible for determining the urgency or importance of any problems, but may be able to offer you a range of options if they understand why you are calling. For GP appointments, the receptionist will add you to the triage list of your preferred doctor, or if in his/her absence, to one of the other GP's.  For all other appointments, everything remains the same. 

c). Come in to the Health Centre and speak to our reception team.

2. Appointment Types

a) Practice Nurses appointments - these are no longer available to book on line.  Please call reception to book an appointment with the nurse. We have removed this option as appointments were not being book appropriately.

Practice Nurse Appointments may be booked in advance and some appointments are reserved for urgent problems.
Practice nurses can help you with a wide range of things, including: immunisations, minor illness (e.g. fever/cough/sore throat/rash of recent onset), Minor injuries (e.g. cuts, sprains), dressings  and routine reviews of stable long term conditions.

b) Doctors appointments - From 29th January 2018, all doctors appointments will be triaged. This aims to deliver a better service to patients and erase waiting times, as all patients that need to be seen will be consulted face to face on the same day.

c) Healthcare assistant appointments:
Our healthcare assistant Lucy Bailey has morning clinics on Monday - Friday.
She is available for blood tests, health checks, smoking cessation advice and to help with some other tests that your doctor may recommend.

 d) Urgent appointments and home visits:
In order to be flexible we offer appointments that can be booked well in advance, but we aim to see any urgent problems on the same working day. If you think your problem is urgent, please explain this to the reception team.

If you feel you need an appointment today, or sooner than the next available routine appointment, our receptionist will pass on your details to the duty doctor.

The doctor will call back on the same day to arrange appropriate help, including booking a same-day appointment or home visit when this is required.

Home visits cannot always be undertaken during surgery hours: please try to let us know as early as possible if you think you need a home visit. The duty doctor will contact you to discuss your needs and agree a plan for assessment. Whenever possible, it is better to be seen at the Health Centre,where there are more facilities for investigation and treatment.
For many urgent problems, you may be offered an appointment with one of our practice nurses. Please note that the nurses can arrange prescriptions, and are always supported by a GP if they (or you) feel you should see a doctor as well at the end of their consultation.

e) Telephone Consultations:
There are telephone appointments available every day with our doctors, and these can be booked in the same ways as face to face appointments.
This may be more convenient for you if a physical examination is not required (the receptionist may be able to give advice if you are unsure whether a telephone appointment is suitable).

Please do not use these appointments for administrative queries (e.g. asking to fill out a form): the reception team will pass on any such enquiries to the relevant doctor, without an appointment being required.

Cancelling Appointments
Missed appointments cause unnecessary delays for other patients. Please cancel any appointment that is no longer wanted, or you cannot attend, with as much notice as possible by phoning the health centre and selecting option 1 (appointments line) and speak to the receptionist. If you are phoning to cancel an appointment more than 6 hours ahead, please leave a voice message on Option 2.